Mona Quigley

Mona Quigley

Is not a persona

For that seems far too difficult to maintain. A real person rather than a flawless facade. Presented here are unedited images, for it is not the image of unattainable perfection that we find so arousing- it is the knowledge that the woman displayed is a passionate, lustful, sexual being. I present you with my vulnerabilities, my imperfections, my emotions and desires- my authentic self.

Everyone wants to bang the weird girl because you know she’s a freak who’s fucked up in all the right ways.

Following a primal energy, I indulge myself in human pleasures of body and spirit. Leading a life so carefree that those in my wake are left enamored with the mystery of what made me that way.

Whimsical in my ways, always wandering. A cheerful rebel, appealingly child-like. Offering a unique perspective- a bit naive about the world, but keen with observation and charmingly witty.

I pride myself in being an educator in my field. Someone who excels in communication and negotiation. Advocating for a new narrative around human sexuality- one that goes beyond vague, romanticized whisperings.

While romance is a beautiful feeling to pursue, the breadth of human emotions calls us to explore so much more. Tell me not what you want to do, but what you want to feel? Setting an emotional intention leads to a more connected and intimate space.

I offer personal sessions to help clients learn new ways of navigating interpersonal connections.

Our time will flow more naturally if you get to know me through my online presence before booking. Read this site in its entirety and check my social media.
My baked goods are best served warm, minutes could mean the banana bread isn’t as moist. Text if you must be late.
Save your dirty talk for in person and keep your emails professional.
Booking is not consent.


Are you open to couples?

Couples that include at least one female bodied person will be seen at no additional charge, but must book a minimum of 3 hours.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel?

Deposits are non refundable for changes or cancelations made less than 72 hours in advance of the original appointment time.

Where are you located?

I am a nomadic traveler often found in the mountains. My Twitter account is the simplest way to check my whereabouts. Tour dates are announced well in advance so you can be sure to catch me when I come to your city. If you simply can not wait to meet me, you can inquire about Flying Me To You or Sponsoring My Tour.

Do you accept gifts?

The best gift you can give me is time spent together. I am a simple person who values no material good over quality time with those I hold close. If you are unable to gift me your presence, gift cards can be sent to

Do you do specials?

Why of course dear, you are very special!

1 Hour- 800
2 Hours- 1100
3 Hours- 1600
4 Hours- 1993

As a gesture of my commitment to improving our mutual experience, a free Cocktail Conference Hour will be offered at the start of your second booking.


I fully embrace individuality and am open to those of any age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or experience level.
Screening is required for all new guests. To ease this process please provide an introduction in your initial email that includes:

Your full name
A phone number
A photo or your ID
2 provider references (if applicable)
Any other useful profiles or employment information.

* Incall only for first time clients, deposit is required.